Child Abduction

Child abduction cases form part of the changing face of the UK. Many different nationalities and cultures make up the structure of the component countries. This adds an extra and varied element to my daily duties as a process server.

Typical Child Abduction Cases

A mother may have moved to the UK with her child or children from another EU country. This is a typical example of one of these cases. She has often allegedly done so without the knowledge or consent of the father. He usually continues to live in their country of origin. There may often be a good reason for the abduction. However, the father now has no access to or contact with his children.

Child Abduction – The Legal Process

If the parents cannot reach an amicable solution, a legal process can be activated  A court order will be sought from the Royal Courts of Justice in London. The police will seize the mother’s passport under the terms of the order. Service of the court order and related papers will take place. The father’s statement relating to the alleged abduction will also be included. They will also detail a further court hearing date. Here, the mother and her legal team will be able to provide their counterclaims. The courts will always aim to act in the children’s best interests. They also look to respect and uphold the legal rights of the parents. The process server can also help by handling their duties with care and sensitivity.

Added Complexities in Child Abduction

Cross-border issues can also add to the complexity of this type of case.  Language barriers, an understanding of legal process and access to legal representation at short notice can make things difficult. This can make the situation even more confusing. A compassionate approach always tends to pay dividends.