Legal Documents Served

Process Serving

We serve all forms of legal documents across the UK. TLC is a specialist professional team of process servers experienced in all sectors who provide an efficient, effective service at an affordable price.

You can rely on us to serve an extensive range of legal documents because we work with a wide range of clients in a variety of sectors. We work with private customers and businesses, insurance firms,  solicitors and local authorities, and consequently, serve the whole range of documents.

TLC offers full-service solutions including the collection the legal documents from your office, home or court. We can also prepare certificates, statements and Affidavits to confirm service or otherwise in a format for presentation at court.


Examples of Legal Documents Served

Bankruptcy Petitions

A bankruptcy petition is an application to the court for a person’s assets to be taken and then potentially sold to pay off their outstanding debts.

Contractual Break Notices

Often issued when a tenant wishes to end a lease since, with a rolling contract, non-delivery can mean another extended lease period.

Suspended Committal

An order for the judgement debtor’s committal to prison. It will not take place if they attend a new date to be questioned under oath.

Orders to Attend Court

This is an order requiring a debtor to attend court to provide information about their financial circumstances after failure to comply with a judgement.

Claims Forms

Claims forms are used in order to begin a court process to recover monies owed or property or where there is an ownership or entitlement dispute.



A non-molestation order aims to protect a partner or spouse from violence or harassment at the hands of their partner or ex-partner.


Prohibited Steps

A prohibited steps order prevents a parent from taking certain actions or trips with a child unless they have specific permission from the other.

Care and Adoption

Care and adoption orders are linked to a Local Authority’s duty of care to young persons. This sometimes applies up to the age of 21.

Statutory Demands

These are legal documents used to request payment of an outstanding debt and mostly for larger debts which requires a formal response in 21 days.

Witness Summons

A document issued requiring a person to attend court. They may have to give oral evidence or produce an item, document or record.

Winding Up Petition

A winding-up order is a process that forces an insolvent company into liquidation and probably the last resort by creditors who cannot get paid.

Attachment of Earnings

An AEO is a court order where a creditor applies to keep a percentage of a debtor’s earnings in order to safeguard against missed payments.


Divorce Petitions

A process server can be helpful in serving divorce petitions. This can speed things up, especially when the respondent hasn’t acknowledged receipt.

Notice seeking Possession

This is the first stage of a legal process where a landlord seeks to evict a tenant. This process usually occurs when there are significant rent arrears.


Court Injunctions

This is a court order that requires a party to do or refrain from specific acts and where failure to comply can result in monetary sanctions or prison.

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