Private Investigator

The old image of the private investigator complete with mac and trilby has moved on. These days the focus is on new technology, gadgets and social media.

Vehicle Tracking and the Private Investigator

We are often asked to use trackers on cars. This is perfectly legal as long as we have the permission of the owner of the vehicle. This may help an employer to keep track on an errant employee. Elsewhere a car owner may wish to keep tabs on a family member for various reasons.

Mobile Phone Forensics

Additionally, we often get requests to carry out forensics on mobile phones in order to to establish whether items have been deleted from the phone. These may be pertinent to any legal or criminal action. In addition, mobile phone records can easily highlight marital infidelities. Once again the permission of the phone owner is required.

Dangerous Liaisons and Affairs

Requests from both men and women to check if their partner is having an affair are frequent. We have even been asked to follow partners abroad on stag and hen weekends. We do not arrange “honey traps” to set up or catch out unsuspecting victims.

Commercial Investigations

Our work within commerce and industry often relates to misdeeds by employees. Sometimes we are asked to investigate them because they claim to be off with long-term sickness. Elsewhere an employee might be suspected of fraud and therefore, proof may be needed to end their employment or begin legal action.

Much of what we do can be handled remotely and discreetly. Bear in mind, that with the advent of social media it is much harder to keep one’s life private and the role of the private eye has been lessened.