Travelling CommunityMembers of the travelling community pose many challenges during the Service of Legal Documents. Most instances relate to the illegal occupation of land.

Illegal Occupation of Land

This is where travellers are using private land. This can belong to the government, local authorities, businesses or even private owners. You will rarely be dealing with just one person. Many cars, vans, lorries, caravans or even horses will have to be removed from the plot of land. This needs to be done quickly, which is why backup is often needed. Travellers may well be using the land to keep and raise animals, which adds to the size of the task, as well as the need for speed and precision.

The reputation of Travelling Community

If travellers are treated with respect, humility and empathy the task is carried out in a calm and peaceful way. This is in spite of the reputation of the travelling community. There are, of course, times when there is a real threat of a stand-off and violence. However, if these are handled well, they can often be solved without the need for a police presence. Such instructions are better handled with a colleague, as they are able to provide both physical and moral support. They can also act as a witness as any activity unfolds.

Follow Up Visits

A follow-up visit is often required. This is to ensure compliance with a court order or to enforce an order in the case of non-adherence. If they co-operate, then a test of literacy is made to ensure that the parties are comfortable with written English. This confirms that the papers being served are fully understood. So, the way that you conduct the initial visit is vital. If enforcement is required, then help from the local police should be more readily available.